The Order of the Stone is a TV series created by Thibo1102, based on the group of superheroes called "The Order of the Stone", from TellTale Games and Mojang's "Minecraft Story Mode".


Soren, Gabriel, Ellegaard, Magnus, and Ivor have been friends since primary school, they've always loved to roleplay, but now that they're adults, and their city is in danger, the 5 of them go on a quest to become real superheroes, after this quest, they'll always been known as the legendary Order of the Stone.


The Order of the Stone




  1. Back Then
  2. Rise of the Order
  3. Enter the Nether
  4. Oxion's Downfall
  5. Obtaining the Crystals
  6. Journey to Hajir Peak
  7. The Empress of Ice
  8. The Command Block
  9. This Is the End