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This article is about the Uniception character. For the Minecraftia character, see Lukas (Minecraftia)

We're friends, dude. Friends look out for each other - Von Miller to Gerald

Lukas Von Miller, mainly referred to as just Von Miller, is the pentagonist of Uniception. He is a 21 (26 in the final chapter) year old football fan.


He has strawberry blonde hair and slightly dark skin. He wears a large red parka.


Von Miller is kind and looks out for his friends.


Gerald Donovan

Despite their negative history, Gerald and Von Miller are good friends.

Randy Sunix

Despite their negative history, Randy and Von Miller are good friends.

Kyle McCulloch

Despite their negative history, Kyle and Von Miller are good friends.

Kenney MacGyverin

Despite their negative history, Kenney and Von Miller are good friends.


  • His dad is Denver Bronco Linebacker, Von Miller.
    • It is unknown how this is possible, as Von Miller Sr. is only 31 in the series, while Von Miller Jr is 20.
    • This may be an oversight.
  • His hairstyle is sometimes used for other characters such as Butters Donovan and Tom Alec. Similar to Carol MacGyverin as her hairstyle is used for Ruby Donovan.
  • He is the only biracial character in the series, having an African-American father and a caucasian mother.
    • He has slighty darker skin than the other characters.
    • His brother is the same according to Von Miller.