Inferno999 is a main character in Wiki Apocalypse.


He lived with his mother in Kendale, his father left him and his mother when he was 3 years old. He is best friends with Poseidon.


A New Day

He was staying at Inferno's place with Thibo and Poseidon when the outbreak began. Inferno, along with Poseidon and Thibo went to the mall to meet up with Drake. The group got attacked by zombies while there, Thibo witnessed zombies kill Inferno's mother. Thibo, Inferno, Poseidon, and Drake escaped the mall in Poseidon's car.

It Hits The Fan

Inferno, along with the rest of the group went to Poseidon's parents' house to look for Poseidon's family. Inferno and Poseidon found Poseidia hiding in the kitchen, after discussing their plan, he and Poseidon went looking for his parents. Inferno and Poseidon found an abandoned RV on the road, they checked it for supplies, but got attacked by a zombie. Eventually Inferno and Poseidon found Poseidon's zombified father eating his dead mother, Poseidon shot him in the face.