Uniception 4 announcement

Uniception 4. The book that will change the saga forever. Everyone enters, and some won't come out.

Gerald is 29 years old now. He cannot be this childish person like he was in books 1 and 2. He must learn to keep his peers safe. He must learn who he wants to be with and how to raise his children. These are the choices that Gerald will make in this fourth and final book.

He, Gabriel, Jeremy, and Ava must fight to the death in this new world. Fight for what's good. Conquer evil. But the world just might never be the same...

His friends, Randy, Kyle, Kenney, and Von Miller have become too busy to help him on his adventure. But when Von Miller comes to help him, the others must decide what is the right thing to do.

Not everybody will make it. But those who do will have to live with the deaths of their comrades.

Uniception 4: The Final Novel. Plot to be revealed later today.