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• 3/13/2016

Facts you didn't know about Ludwig's Adventure!

Ludwig's Adventure is completed, and Ludwig and the Gang may or may not be coming out just a few days after Easter ;) so I'm gonna tell you some facts you didn't know about Ludwig's Adventure!

1. Ludwig met Ludwig Jr a few days after he joined Minecraftia (he wasn't sucked in at the time) and thought it would drop food, he attacked it and soon realized it was a wolf. He gave it a bone and the wild beast was tamed.

2. Minecraftia takes place in Hardcore mode.

3. Ludwig, Thibo and Witherstorm were sucked into Minecraftia because the universe knew they were Minecraftia's only hope.

This is it for now. I might reveal more facts very soon.

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• 3/13/2016


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